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Using a hidden (¿?) 4sq feature to show anyone's last know location
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NOTE: foursquare method does not work anymore, using twitter now through yahoo pipe to get JSON then parsing it here in python


Using a hidden (¿?) 4sq feature to show anyone's last known location

Edit file:
- Specify your foursquare username whose location you want to fetch: user = "...".
- Specify file to which location would be written: output_path = "...".
- Check first line to make sure path to python binary is correct.

Test it by running $ ./ and checking output file. If necessary _touch_ output file
giving it proper permissions.

Automate the process:
- You can add this script to your cronjob to run periodically. I do the following to run
it every 15 minutes: */15 * * * * /home/vlad/etc/4sq.loc/

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