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Concurrent Programming


  • Jonas Ruef 09-123-530
  • Felix Langenegger 08-111-783

Schedule - Exercises and Deadlines

  1. 26-Sep-12: Introduction
  2. 03-Oct-12: Java and Concurrency
  3. 10-Oct-12: Safety and Synchronization
  4. 17-Oct-12: Safety Patterns + Transactional Memory
  5. 24-Oct-12: Liveness and Guarded Methods
  6. 07-Nov-12: Liveness and Asynchrony
  7. 14-Nov-12: Condition Objects
  8. 21-Nov-12: Fairness and Optimism
  9. 28-Nov-12: Petri Nets
  10. 12-Dec-12: Parallelism
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