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Processing for DJI Tello drone
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This is the seed to a collection of Processing-based sample code that interact with the Ryze Tello drone.

If you are not familar with Processing check first.

"Processing is a flexible software sketchbook and a language for learning how to code within the context of the visual arts."

This package is devloped on an Raspberry 3+.

Project Description

You will find different sample programs based on the tello sdk Tello SDK Documentation EN_1.3_1122.pdf and Processing.

We will start with a simple proof of concept.

  • TelloTest

In TelloTest,You can send a couple of wellknow commands from the keyboar like command, takeoff, land, and so on.

  • TelloVideoCapture

Demonstrate to receive a video stream from a TELLO. (Raspberry PI only)

  • TelloSDKVideo

Combine TelloTest and TelloVideoCapture (Raspberry PI only)

Environmental configuration

The sample code above is based on Processing 3.4. Required Libraries:

UDP library for Processing

OpenGL video playback for Processing

Specific to the content and description of each package, you can refer to the readme file in the related folder.


Video streaming only available on Raspberry PI. UDP streaming support is not implemented in the Processing Standard Video library for PC and MAC.

Video information

Final caps: video/x-raw(memory:GLMemory), width=(int)960, height=(int)720, interlace-mode=(string)progressive, pixel-aspect-ratio=(fraction)1/1, framerate=(fraction)0/1, format=(string)RGBA, texture-target=(string)2D, colorimetry=(string)sRGB

Contact Information

If you have any questions about this sample code and the installation, please feel free to contact me. Just contact me at

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