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@f4exb f4exb released this Nov 26, 2020 · 2 commits to master since this release

VOR demodulator plugin

Another fun plugin contributed by Jon srcejon. Demodulate VOR signals and localize your site on a map. Details here

Other changes and fixes

  • Remote plugins build fix. Fixes #720
  • SSB modulator: fixed audio compressor. Fixes #719
  • Fixed narrowing error or warning when Rx sample size is 16 bits

Binary artifacts

For more details on artifacts and their contents please read the quick start in the Wiki.
Note that Ubuntu .deb package is for 20.04. Please note that from now on SSE 4.2 is required. It has been intended to be like that for a long time but was not effective until this release.

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@f4exb f4exb released this Nov 22, 2020 · 22 commits to master since this release

Audio output plugin

This complements the Audio input plugin and thus implements #496 completely. Interface details can be found here

Other changes and fixes

  • Fixes for clang-cl build and LTO optimization. PR #717
  • Cmake arch detection and compilation options rework. PR #714 and #715
  • Fixed Rest API UDPSinkSettings key mismapping. Issue #713
  • Compile SigMF plugins only with GCC. Issue #712
  • Modulators audio input rework. Issue #495 and more

Binary artifacts

For more details on artifacts and their contents please read the quick start in the Wiki.
Note that Ubuntu .deb package is for 20.04

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@f4exb f4exb released this Nov 15, 2020 · 49 commits to master since this release

Source code warnings fixes

Fixed CMakeLists.txt so that warning flags are taken into account and fixed warnings in the source code accordingly. Implements #663

Other changes and fixes

  • GLSpectrum: fixed settings and waterfall share serialization. Reinstated #609

Binary artifacts

For more details on artifacts and their contents please read the quick start in the Wiki.
Note that Ubuntu .deb package is for 20.04

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@f4exb f4exb released this Nov 13, 2020 · 63 commits to master since this release

Audio Input updates

Implements #706

  • Updated threading model avoiding thread run() tight loop and CPU excessive load.
  • Changed he way mono audio is processed so that it is transformed to a complex signal at half the sample rate centered in the pass band
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@f4exb f4exb released this Nov 12, 2020 · 67 commits to master since this release

SDRangel version 6 (master/v5 merge)

There has been evolution in the master branch recently that make the desire to keep an ultra stable master branch and fast evolving tip branch (v5) in fact obsolete and not desirable anymore. Moreover quite a few of these changes come from contributors who legitimately work from the master branch. So this is creating confusion and just extra work.

The recent addition of feature plugins would have deserved a new major release but was made a new minor release in each branch because of the split in master and v5. There are also new major features coming to master from v5:

  • Upgrade to c++14 standard
  • MIMO support including support for Metis devices (Red Pitaya)
  • Websocket spectrum server
  • Additional plugins:
    • ChirpChat (LoRa extension) modulator/demodulator
    • SigMF file support when compiled from source

The v5 branch is kept for reference

Other news, changes and fixes

Audio input plugin

Another nice contribution from Jon srcejon to take the I/Q input from an audio device. This makes it possible to work with first generation audio "card" based SDR devices such as the SoftRock or more sophisticated ones. Details here

ADS-B enhancements

More enhancements and fixes to the ADS-B demodulator by Jon srcejon:

  • Add decode of Mode-A transponder (Squawk) code
  • Add decoding of surface position messages (so you can see aircraft position at airports)
  • Add Az/El and distance to airport information box
  • Require double click to set ATC frequency.
  • Allow airport to be set as target, by double clicking Az/El in airport info box.
  • Confirm redownload of files if less than 100 days old.
  • Add option to automatically resize columns after an aircraft is added to the table.
  • Check latitude and local CPR decode is in valid range (to prevent aircraft from jumping around the map).
  • Reduce interpolator taps to enable it to run in real-time. Should significantly improve packet error rate for RTLSDR at 2.4MSa/s.

Other changes

  • NFM demod: more updates. Issue #703
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Nov 9, 2020
Updated version and changelogs

@f4exb f4exb released this Nov 9, 2020

ADS-B updates

The list is long and was provided by Jon srcejon in PR #688 as en improvement of his initial work. Here it is:

  • Add OpenSky Network aircraft database support, for information about aircraft model, owner, registration.
  • Add airline logos and country & military flags for display in the table.
  • Add OurAirports airport database support, to allow airports and ATC frequencies to be displayed on the map.
  • Allow ATC frequency to be tuned by clicking on the map.
  • Add support for displaying flight paths on the map.
  • Allow columns in table to be rearranged and hidden.
  • Allow rows in table to be sorted by clicking on header.
  • Allow switching units from ft, kn, ft/min to m, kph, m/s
  • Allow aircraft timeout to be set by the user.
  • Allow font used for the table to be set by the user.
  • Add optional display of demodulator statistics.
  • Support multithreading in demodulator to reduce FIFO overflows.
  • Add support for demodulating all Mode-S frames and feeding them.
  • Add support for feeding in Beast hex format.
  • Allow option of correlating against full preamble or partial preamble.
  • Supporting highlighting of an aircraft in the table by selecting it on the map.
  • Use difference of zeros and ones sums, rather than absolute threshold, to better account for varying conditions and make the threshold easier to set.
  • Enable anti-aliasing for text on the map.
  • Improve CRC performance by 5x-10x.
  • Move map resources to plugin from sdrgui.

In addition the correlation validation threshold mechanism has been reviewed to use the ratio of "ones" power over "zero" power rather than the difference. This makes it analogous to a SNR and is probably easier to deal with. The power of "ones" has been added as a signal strength indication (RSSI). This implements issue #696

NFM changes

Thanks to Kasper kasper93 the filters used in NFM were refined in PR #690 . In addition full control is given to the user on the RF bandwidth, AF bandwidth and FM deviation independently. In order not to get lost with inappropriate settings some reasonable combinations based on Carson's rule can be selected. These combinations fit a particular channel spacing scheme. The 12.5 and 25 kHz channel spacings apply the 11F3 and 16F3 standards respectively that are commonly used. This applies to both modulator and demodulator.

Other changes and fixes

  • Package SoapySDR modules for Windows. PR #687
  • CI: Add docker build. PR #673
  • Add an option to hide console on Windows. PR #694

Binary artifacts

For more details on artifacts and their contents please read the quick start in the Wiki.
Note that Ubuntu .deb package is for 20.04

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@f4exb f4exb released this Nov 6, 2020 · 184 commits to master since this release

Windows package: upgrade to VS2019

Thanks to a contribution of Kasper kasper93 the Windows build in Appveyor has been upgraded to VS2019 and therefore Qt 5.15.1. Builds are now using Ninja

NFM changes

Also thanks to Kasper kasper93 the audio scaling in NFM has been cleaned up so that now 100% volume should be nominal for the given frequency deviation. Consequently bandwidths and nominal deviations have been reviewed with 10, 12.5 and 15 kHz removed and replaced by 11 kHz (11F3 for 12.5 kHz channel spacing) and 16 kHz (16F3 for 25 kHz channel spacing). The deviation of the modulator has been reworked to actually match nominal deviation at 2.5 kHz.

This may result in a louder audio volume than before so you may want to readjust the volume from the previous settings. The volume control has been changed to be expressed in percentage of nominal volume (at nominal deviation) ranging from 0 to 200%.

Other changes and fixes

  • Development based on Ubuntu 20.10. This will be reflected in the compilation instructions in the Wiki. Ubuntu 20.04 has two annoying bugs reported in #615 and #600 resolved by Qt 5.14.2 and kernel 5.8 respectively
  • KiwiSDR: fixed issue in local network. Fixes #435
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Nov 5, 2020
NFM: review frequency deviation and NFM demod volume control
Nov 3, 2020
Windows build: added missing export
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