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a rtl_tcp compatible IQ server for the RSP range of SDRPlay SDR
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(c)2019 F4FHH Nicolas ( Licensed under the GNU GPL V3

a rtl_tcp compatible IQ server for the RSP range of SDRPlay SDR

rsp_tcp is a direct port of rtl_tcp for the RSP range of SDRPlay SDR.

As the rtl_tcp protocol is only 8 bits IQ, man will loose the major advantage of an RSP : its 14bits ADC, but :

  1. It will work with any rtl_tcp capable frontend (probably), see usage below
  2. As it's opensource, you could compile it on any Linux server


 -a listen address
 -p listen port (default: 1234)
 -d RSP device to use (default: 1, first found)
 -P Antenna Port select (0/1/2, default: 0, Port A)
 -T Bias-T enable (default: disabled)
 -N Broadcast Notch enable (default: disabled)
 -R Refclk output enable (default: disabled)
 -f frequency to tune to [Hz]
 -s samplerate in Hz (default: 2048000 Hz)
 -n max number of linked list buffers to keep (default: 500)
 -v Verbose output (debug) enable (default: disabled)
 -E extended mode full RSP bit rate and controls (default: RTL mode)


  • RTL Tuner AGC is mapped to RSP RF AGC
  • RTL AGC is mapped to LNAState (RTL AGC on = LNA enabled)
  • RTL RF gain is mapped to inverse gain reduction
  • RTL frequency correction is mapped to RSP setPPM
  • RTL sample rates >= 2Ms/s are mapped to the RSP sample rate, RTL sample rates < 2Ms/s use appropriate decimation


  mkdir build
  cd build
  cmake ..
  sudo make install


  • a RSP API version >=2.13 must be installed on the linux server, see sdrplay linux downloads
  • I try it with SDR# frontend only. Other tests are welcome.
  • It should compile and run on Raspbian (raspberry pi) (not tested)
  • It should compile on windows as the initial code from rtl_tcp does


  • Enhance the IF and RF gain management depending on bands
  • Enhance the re-quantization from 14/12/10 bits to 8 bits


  • Version 0.1.0: Initial build
  • Version 1.1.0: Integration of the extensions and fixes made by the SDRPlay team. Many thanks to them. see their github at [](https://- Version 1.2.0: Integration of some fixes made by the SDRPlay team.


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