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pyzootool wraps the API of http://www.zootool.com. It's currently still very early in development, and not quite everything works.


You can either just grab the head here from Github, or you can pip or easy_install the package as well as it's now on pypi.

What Works

  • Grabbing items by uid
  • Grabbing items by popularity
  • Grabbing items by username
  • Getting information on a user
  • Getting list of followers that a user has
  • Getting list of friends that a user has
  • Adding items to zootool

What Doesn't Work

  • Features nobody told me they wanted :) (Auth issues now fixed)


Here's a few examples of what you can do with this tool:

from pyzootool import controller
zoocontrol = controller.ZooControl(apikey=YOUR_API_KEY)

## User information
followers = zoocontrol.user.get_user_followers('username')
friends = zoocontrol.user.get_user_friends('username')
userinfo = zoocontrol.user.get_userinfo('username')

## Items
popular_items = zoocontrol.item.get_popular('week')
user_items = zoocontrol.item.get_items_by_user('username')
item = zoocontrol.item.get_item('uid')

Here's use of authentication:

from pyzootool import controller
zoocontrol = controller.ZooControl(apikey=YOUR_API_KEY, username=USER, password=PASS)
result = zoocontrol.item.add_item(url="http://www.google.com", title="A cool new search engine!")