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A Python wrapper of the API
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pyzootool wraps the API of It's currently still very early in development, and not quite everything works.


You can either just grab the head here from Github, or you can pip or easy_install the package as well as it's now on pypi.

What Works

  • Grabbing items by uid
  • Grabbing items by popularity
  • Grabbing items by username
  • Getting information on a user
  • Getting list of followers that a user has
  • Getting list of friends that a user has
  • Adding items to zootool

What Doesn't Work

  • Features nobody told me they wanted :) (Auth issues now fixed)


Here's a few examples of what you can do with this tool:

from pyzootool import controller
zoocontrol = controller.ZooControl(apikey=YOUR_API_KEY)

## User information
followers = zoocontrol.user.get_user_followers('username')
friends = zoocontrol.user.get_user_friends('username')
userinfo = zoocontrol.user.get_userinfo('username')

## Items
popular_items = zoocontrol.item.get_popular('week')
user_items = zoocontrol.item.get_items_by_user('username')
item = zoocontrol.item.get_item('uid')

Here's use of authentication:

from pyzootool import controller
zoocontrol = controller.ZooControl(apikey=YOUR_API_KEY, username=USER, password=PASS)
result = zoocontrol.item.add_item(url="", title="A cool new search engine!")
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