Automated Network Configuration-as-Code (NCaC) deployments using Github webhook to F5 BIG-IP.
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Github Infrastructure-as-Code WebHook Server for F5 BIG-IP


Using GitHub's Webhook feature, this Webhook Server automates Infrastructure as Code management of F5's BIG-IP devices (hardware or software).


Infrastructure-as-Code has predominantely focussed on 'server' infrastructure. However, this 'Network Infrastructure as Code' solution allows engineers to 'commit' F5 BIG-IP service definitions to a Github repository, which results in configured F5 BIG-IP application services ready for application traffic. Installing this Webhook Server onto BIG-IP devices enables for the automated deployment of BIG-IP configurations directly via a Github Webhhok.

This solution was written upon the iControl LX framework. Installed on a BIG-IP, this iControl LX worker presents a /ghe_listener REST end-point ready to receive Github 'commit' notifications.


NOTE: AS3 is an F5 developed and supported iControl LX worker that greatly simplifies the programmable surface of BIG-IP.


  • iControl - The F5 BIG-IP REST API.
  • iControl LX - (iControl Language eXtension) The F5 BIG-IP REST API Framework, upon which you can create custom endpoints/workflows.
  • iControl LX worker/microservice - Nodejs Javascript that is executed every time it's custom endpoint is hit with GET/POST/PUT/PATCH/DELETE.


  1. Engineer is ready to deploy a service.
  2. Engineer visits the devices "infrasutrcture as code" repository on GitHub and navigates to the '/templates' directory.
  3. Based on their requirements, the engineer selects the appropriate template. e.g. "Basic load-balancing", "SSL Offload", "Web Application Firewall", and so on.
  4. Engineer creates a new file in the '/deploy' directory using the template and enters the unique deployment-specific data, e.g.: service name, server IP addresses, etc. See template example below.
  5. A GitHub WebHook sends a Github 'commit' message to the iControl LX REST worker end-point, /ghe_listener.
  6. The iControl LX worker consumes and processes as appropriate.
    1. The iContorl LX worker will parse the commit message and identify any service definition changes: if the commit has 'added', 'modified', or 'removed' a service definition.
    2. When complete, the iControl LX worker will create a 'Github Issue' in the source repository with the results (success/failure) of the commit processing.

Repository Structure

  |- DIST
    |- f5-appsvcs-3.0.0-34.noarch.rpm
    |- n8-GheWebhookServer-0.1.0-0007.noarch.rpm
  |- DOCS
    |- 1a.AS3-EXAMPLE-Basic_L4_LB.json
    |- 1b.AS3-EXAMPLE-Basic_L4_LB.json
    |- 2.AS3-EXAMPLE-L7_LB_SSL_Offload.json
    |- 3.AS3-EXAMPLE-L7_LB_iRule.json
    |- <more to come>
  |- SRC
    |- GheWebhookServer
      |- nodesjs
        |- ghe_listener.js
        |- ghe_settings.js
        |- ghe_util.js
  • /DIST - the RPMs to install onto BIG-IPs for IaC management.
  • /DOCS - the setup and usage instructions for GHE an BIG-IP.
  • /EXAMPLES - contains AS3 service definition examples for configuring BIG-IP application services.
  • /SRC - the WebHook server iControl LX source.

Known Issues

  1. GheWebhookServer only supports one Service Definition per BIG-IP Tenant AS3. Feature request raised with AS3 team to support multiple Service Definitions per BIG-IP Tenant.
  2. Some Github issue 'error' notifications are not actually errors, and are just notifications.

Feature Roadmap

Feature Description Release
Webhook Server Consumes Service Definitions and deploys to BIG-IP. Supports Deploy/Re-deploy/Delete operations. v0.1
Status reporting Create GitHub Issue for failed deployments v0.1
Test deploy Use a 'test' branch to simulate a deployment (validate config) v0.2
Service Feedback Post Availability/Performance data back to GitHub repository v0.3

Webhook Server: The base webhook server running on BIG-IP. Consumes service definition commits (added/modified/delete) from Github webhook and deploys/modifies/deletes BIG-IP configurations through the AS3 iControl LX declarative interface worker.

Status reporting: Create a 'GitHub Issue' to report success/failure of create/modify/delete operations.

Service Feedback: Post utilization/performance (throughput/concurrent connections) and availability (node/pool member monitor activity) data back to source repository.

Test Deployments: Support service definitition validation by merging service definition to a 'test' branch merge and using AS3s 'dry-run' feature.