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This repository contains Access Guided Config (AGC) files and templates. Configuration Guides for following AGC Usecase/Templates are automatically generated from JSON using the templates in the project directories.

  1. SAML Identity Provider for SaaS Application : SaaS Application Template
  2. SAML Service Provider : IdP Connector Template

Further, Configuration Guides for each are created under respective Usecase Pack Version branch.


This project uses CI/CD to build, test, and deploy documentation.


  • sphinx: builds HTML, checks syntax, and tests links.
  • f5-sphinx-theme: F5 theme for sphinx projects.
  • write-good: tests grammar.
  • Travis-CI: builds, tests, and deploys documentation.
  • AWS S3: static website hosting.


  • deploy-docs: Runs a Docker container with the credentials required to publish to
  • docker-docs: Runs a Docker container mounted to the current working directory.
  • merge-docs: Combines docs from various locations to the /source directory.
  • test-docs: runs the HTML build, grammar check, and linkcheck.

Building and Testing

You can use the commands below to build and test your work. Commands beginning with docker run in a Docker container using the same image used in Travis-CI (f5devcentral/containthedocs).

Command Description
make docs basic HTML build
make livedocs builds docs as you write; view changes live in browser
make testdocs run the docs tests
make docker-docs basic HTML build in a Docker container
make docker-livedocs builds docs in a Docker container as you write
make docker-testdocs runs docs tests in a Docker container

Note: If you don't use the Docker container, you need to install the project dependencies locally.

virtualenv <my-venv>
pip install -r requirements.txt
npm install write-good
brew install rename \\ Mac

You can find instructions for installing/using virtualenv and pip here.


Repository for Access Guided Config (AGC) files and templates.




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