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Setup a container with GitBucket installed.


To run the container, do the following:

% docker run -d -p 8080:8080 -p 29418:29418 -v ${PWD}/gitbucket-data:/gitbucket f99aq8ove/gitbucket

You can see gitbucket running on http://localhost:8080/ You also see gitbucket data write out to "./gitbucket-data".

In order to access the git repository over SSH (port 29418), check settings below.

  • GitBucket > Administration > System Settings > SSH access

Additional environment variables can be set as below.

Environment variable Value Example
GITBUCKET_DB_URL, GITBUCKET_DB_USER, GITBUCKET_DB_PASSWORD Database connection for MySQL or PostgreSQL. See External database configuration. Defaults to H2. jdbc:postgresql://db/gitbucket, user, password
JAVA_OPTS JavaVM options. -Xmx1g
GITBUCKET_OPTS GitBucket options. --prefix=/gitbucket
GITBUCKET_CERT LDAP Authentication certificate path. Embed a certificate to container. See LDAP Authentication Settings /var/lib/samba/private/tls/cert.pem
GITBUCKET_EXTRA_DEPS system dependencies required by gitbucket plugins. git procps


To build the image, do the following:

% docker build

A prebuilt container is available in the docker index.

% docker pull f99aq8ove/gitbucket

GitBucket's license


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