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Themes are disabled at the moment. I'm working with a web developer to bring back the feature. Sorry for the problem.

Themes have been introduced in the version 6.3d (beta). You can change the appearance of your launcher with a simple and short command, using themes provided by t-ui users.


theme -apply [themeName]

This command is case sensitive. It usually takes 2/3 seconds to execute, you will receive a positive message if the operation went good or a negative one if something went bad.

View existing themes

theme -view

This command will open the webpage where you can browse all existing themes (

Create a theme

theme -create

This command will open the webpage where you can create a custom theme.

When you're done, you can:

  • publish the theme: this will make your theme public, other users will be able to see it and download. You need to insert your name (or a nickname) and the theme name
  • download it for yourself: click on the command below (theme -apply ....), it will copy that text to your clipboard. Then you will only need to paste it to t-ui to have your theme applied


The theme website and the Firebase database is managed by Alexander King, who worked for weeks to make this feature available.

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