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faast.js examples

These examples demonstrate how to use faast.js in different ways.

example description language
aws-command run a command on AWS TypeScript
aws-cost-analyzer-js cost analyzer example JavaScript
aws-cost-analyzer-ts cost analyzer example TypeScript
aws-js aws example showing common feaures JavaScript
aws-lodash-ts example using lodash as a bundled dependency TypeScript
aws-puppeteer-ts example using puppeteer as a native dependency TypeScript
aws-sharp-ts example using sharp as a native dependency TypeScript
aws-ts aws example showing common features TypeScript
babel babel example JavaScript
cost-analyzer-comparison-ts compare AWS Lambda pricing TypeScript
hello-world-js hello world JavaScript
hello-world-ts hello world TypeScript


The test-examples.js script is used by the faast.js testsuite. It is not needed for running individual examples.