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Fedora - Ansible Contrib Repository

This repository contains user-contributed real world examples for Ansible playbooks, especially for Fedora and its downstream (RHEL), as well as modules that are not a part of Ansible's core distribution.

This is designed to be a resource to folks learning configuring Fedora with Ansible, as well as a way to share useful resources of all kinds.

If you have just found Ansible or Fedora, you should start here:

A lot of playbooks in this repository are made and used with the Fedora Security Lab and the Fedora Security Lab Test bench. For all security-related playbooks please check the Fedora Security Lab Test bench git repository .


The setup of Ansible is explained on the Ansible Getting Started page. Here is only the setup of the managed nodes covered. For every system you want to manage, you need to have the client's SSH key in the authorized_keys file of the management system and Python.

Make sure that Python is installed. If not, install the Python package.

$ sudo dnf -y install python

Add the SSH key to the authorized_keys file.

From the managed node:

$ ssh root@[IP address of your management system] 'cat ~/.ssh/' | cat - >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

From the management system:

$ sudo ssh-copy-id -i /root/.ssh/ root@[IP address of your managed node]


At the moment the structure of the repository looks like this:

├── files ----------- Template files
├── handlers -------- Handlers for Fedora services
├── maintenance ----- Complete playbooks
├── maintenance.yml - Regular tasks to perform on a running system
├── modules --------- Modules especially for Fedora
├── ------- This files
├── tasks ----------- A collection of tasks
├── setup.yml ------- Collected tasks for a fresh installed system
└── variables ------- Storage files for variables


Think first before you implement stuff from this repository. Consider the playbooks in this repository as a show case. Somethings doesn't make sense, are nasty hacks, or easier to do with another approach.


Examples and modules should be licensed GPLv3 per the rest of Ansible, to encourage modules to graduate from contrib to core.

All playbook content is assumed to be Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution licensed. Non-commerical or No-derivatives CC extensions are not acceptable, to encourage easy use by all users, regardless of purpose.