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Signed-off-by: Fabio M. Di Nitto <fdinitto@redhat.com>




Please refer to
for a few fancy drawings and schemas


kronosnet is currently in very early stages of its development.
on-wire and configuration compatibility between versions will not
be guaranteed till 1.0 release.


* build/install
* create /etc/pam.d/kronosnetd
  - the users that can login with those credentials will gain access
    to kronosnetd read only view of the setup
* add kronosnetadm system group
  - user in this group, after login to kronosnetd (auth via pam), will
    be allowed to perform configuration tasks within kronosnetd
* start kronosnetd
  - there is no requirement for kronosnetd to have a configuration file
    to start. Configuration can be created at runtime by:
    "telnet localhost 50000"
* always refer to http://kronosnet.org/ user manual for latest
  information on how to perform runtime configuration tasks