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Screenshot of a logo slide

PadTool is a MOT SLS and DLS generator for PAD encoders such as ODR-PadEnc.

PadTool is able to read JSON, XML, text or HTML files and outputs DLS+ text from these information and generates nice SLS with personnalized templates

PadTool is better to use with the ODR-mmbTools tool set, especially with ODR-PadEnc. More information about the ODR-mmbTools can be found in the guide, available on the Opendigitalradio mmbTools page.

Features of PadTool:

  • Reads JSON, XML or text files containing live information of your radio station
  • Outputs DLS+ files compatible with ODR-PadEnc
  • Outputs DAB compliant slides, JPG format with 320x240px resolution, and no more than 16kB sized files
  • Windows and latest Linux versions fully compatible (tested with Ubuntu 20.04 and Windows 10)
  • Easy personnalized DLS text with predefined tags
  • Possible generation of a logo station slide
  • Possible generation of ATC slide (Artist, Title & Cover)
  • Compatible with other plugins (see
  • Automatic cover art seeking thanks to Discogs API (via DiscogsClient), and iTunes API (via CoverPy).
  • Colors and themes fully personnalisable via CSS and HTML templates

Output example slides :

Screenshot of a logo slide
Screenshot of a ATC slide


See INSTALL file for installation instructions.

Usage after installation

See USAGE to see examples and best practices


See the files LICENSE, COPYING files

Contributions and Contact

Contributions to this tool are welcome, you can contact me at any time via my e-mail address below.

There is a bunch of ideas and thoughts about new possible features and improvements in the TODO file.

Developed by:
Fabien Cuny fabien.cuny7 [at] orange [dot] fr
aka fabcd14, admin of the DAB Radio Normandie Facebook Page

If you like my work, and want to support it, grab me a coffee or a beer here :

Thanks by advance :-)