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carcols commented Jan 25, 2017

Previously, when one wanted to "star" a story, when hovering the star would become yellow. On the new version the star stays always gray... which is fine but I guess everyone is conditioned to expect it to become yellow. It would be useful if the star would stay yellow once one "stars" a story, as it used to be.

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carcols commented Jan 26, 2017

PS: I think the same could apply to the "report" button, that now is always red by default.

fabd commented Jan 27, 2017 edited


I think you mean that it should be gray by default and turn red only on :hover. I agree.

Although mobile / touch is a concern. They never see :hover except when holding down on an element.

It would be useful if the star would stay yellow once one "stars" a story, as it used to be.

I don't think this used to work?

The Shared Stories list is cached for performance reasons, so everyone gets to see the same copy. But I can think of a way to do it. Since the starred aka "Favorite" stories list is pulled dynamically rather than cached, I can pass this info to Javascript, and Javascript can add the active stars in the "Shared Stories" list below (which is cached).

Hopefully that will work otherwise it's a WAY bigger headache since I haven't found a way to make the hared stories query super fast and caching is super important.

carcols commented Feb 12, 2017

I see that currently the "hover" part is solved, however the icons do not stay colored (red or yellow) once I star or report a story: for the starred stories they are at least on the "favorite" section, but for the reported stories now there's no way to know if I already reported the story or not.


carcols commented Feb 12, 2017

For clarification: I think the star on the top story I starred should be yellow, the same as all stories I report below.

fabd commented Feb 12, 2017 edited

@carcols I agree and I can think of one way to do it that works with the caching of the pages. Which is why the issue remains open. Thanks for the great feedback 👍

I don't know when I'll prioritize it though as I really need to launch the Patreon page, and move to https soon. But, I'll get to it.

And I agree that even when a story is favorited on top, it's still better to show the proper state on the icon.

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