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Some time ago I proposed to use color to emphasize the primitives in Kanji Koohii shared stories.

I didn't act on it because it wasn't very convincing to me, and the color highlighting could be distracting as well. It's not a bad idea, but I felt like "don't fix something that is not broken". Since, oddly enough, nobody ever suggested that to me, I thought I'd just leave it as it is.

Today working on something else I realized I could just use brightness contrast. It's very subtle and probably hard to see in this clipped screenshot, but when you see the full list of stories I think it's ... wel at least it's worth trying.



  • it makes unformatted stories stand out much more clearly, and that could help in the longer term for people to vote stories that are proprely edited
  • it may encourage people sharing a story also to format their story as their unformatted story will stand out in the list (all same color black text)
  • helps the non-english stories and non-RTK primitives to stand out better


  • legibility of text, I don't like overly designed websites that have all kind of faded out text and washed out colors... they look nice, but are annoying to read.. so the trick is to get the main text color a bit lighter, to contrast with color #000 primitives, while still legible


I'll just push this in an update soon and then we will just see how users respond to it.

fabd commented Feb 9, 2017 edited

Giving up on this idea.

The coloring approach is distracting.

The brightness contrast makes everything less legible since main text needs to be brighter. I actually still like this approach (2nd on the picture below), however the italic text (primitives) unfortunately does not stand out because of font aliasing so the difference in brightness is hardly noticable.


After experimenting I found increasing **letter-spacing ** for primitives (italic) makes them stand out a little more, so I'll use that.

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