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Since RTK 6th edition support was added in Dec 2014 the website can, in theory, support any arbitrary sequence of kanji for the Study pages.

It just happens that RTK 5th and 6th editions are very similar, and the site has been focused on RTK. With a bit of work it's possible to remove some of the hard coded designs (like the Progress page including RTK 1 and RTK 3).

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Implementation (draft)

  • The RTK Edition page in Account > Settings would be renamed and moved to a more visible place.

  • The kanji sequence is now a goal. And corresponds to a *progress bar * displayed on the Home page. For example RTK Lite: [ progress bar ..... ] 560 of 1000

  • The Study pages can be browsed in sequence order (already implemented).

  • The default goal would be RTK 6th edition for new accounts, or the user is presented with the choice on the Home page. So first thing when they sign up, on the Home page where the goal progress bar shows, it would say: Choose your goal: (RTK, RTK Lite, KKLD, etc.).

  • What's pretty awesome is that if a user completed, say, "RTK Lite", when that goal is 100% complete they can switch to "RTK" and that goal will now be 50% complete.


Phase 1

First rough implementation: user can select the additional sequence, and then should be able to navigate Study in sequence order.

  • Gather the data into a spreadsheet : SEQUENCE NR (starts at 1), KANJI (and/or UCS-2 code), KEYWORD (optional, won't be used in first implementation). Update Google Spreadsheet thanks to Katsuo.
    • Load that up into the kanjis table (each index is a column named like idx_<label> and SQL queries basically map to one of these columns in JOINs. As long as there are just 4-5 sequences built in I think the indexes are fine.
  • Add the sequence to the RTK Edition page (a third radio button)

Phase 2

Involves changing the concept of RTK Edition to a more generic and useful concept of KANJI GOAL.

A controversial change here involves ditching the builtin / hardcoded RTK Lessons. This helps expanding the site's usefulness by being less RTK centric. Not all kanji goals will have lessons and designing lessons is something I can't do. As well as cause potential copyright issues since adding lessons breakdown from a book is a step beyond just supporting a sequence of kanji.

  • Rename the "RTK Edition" page to something like "Kanji Goal". (Now RTK 5th / 6th editions are two builtin goals.)
  • Remove "Check Progress" page entirely (controversial, to be discussed)
  • Display the kanji goal (ie. "RTK Lite") + progress bar on Home screen.

Phase 3

Improve the flow for new users:

  • A new user will be presented with the choice of KANJI GOAL on the home page, right after their first sign in. This will take them to the Kanji Goal page (ie. currently "RTK Edition"), where they will likely pick between 5th / 6th RTK edition, but could also select RTK Lite, or KKLD, etc.

Next Steps

  • Discuss which sequence to start with: KKLD or RTK Lite? (vote below!)
  • Gather the data in a spreadsheet online
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faneca commented Feb 12, 2017

Some thoughts:

  1. Would love to see a movie method index (though it's already too late for me to use that).
  2. A link to a page where each index is explained would be a plus for new users.
  3. Goals could have checkpoints (they could be hardcoded or reside in a table that's only queried when loading the "Check Progress" page)... but it'd still suffer from the copyright problem.
fabd commented Feb 12, 2017 edited

A link to a page where each index is explained would be a plus for new users.

That will be handled the equivalent of today's "RTK Edition" page. The page where you pick the sequence is where they will be explained.

Goals could have "checkpoints"

By copyright problem I assume you mean using "lessons" if there are in other books / methods? Are thre lessons in KKLD ?

Actually I've been contemplating removing lessons altogether to simplify the Study page header for mobile, as well as make the site more flexible for the other sequences. Not much use in defaulting to a single lesson sequence of hundreds of characters when we don't have a built in lesson. (eg. RTK Vol. 3 is just lesson 57 on the website...)

But you gave me an idea... Why not just arbitrarily slice up the sequence in smaller chunks. Hence, checkpoints. While they are less meaningful that the ones from Heisig which are based on introducing primitives, they would still work as motivation.

We could let the user pick their desired "checkpoint" threshold. For example: 10, 15, 20. If someone wants to try to study 10 a day, they could use a 10 kanji checkpoint. Or they can pick one based on their pace.

Those checkpoints only make sense when studying in sequence. But then again the point of adding more sequences is so you don't need to jump back and forth anymore (eg. RTK Lite).

faneca commented Feb 13, 2017

Yes, I was talking about the same concept as "lessons", really, while having on my mind a broader one (for some of the methods don't have "lessons" as such).
Sorry for the confusion (but glad that gave you an idea ¬_¬; )

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