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day 3 in the books

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- I got my gulp to actually be a server. I have a minor bug with the livereload, I know the issue just never addressed it becasue hitting refresh isn't that hard honestly.
- I couldn't get a solid 1 hour today to code, but I probably did a good 45 minutes throughout the day on this. I know that's basically failing the second day but tomorrow is the weekend and I'll have more time in the morning to get a couple hours done. It's midnight and I just got home from work, so get off my back... :)
- here's the commit
### Day 3: September 3, 2016
- I got gulp live reloaded working on js & css changes instead of just html changes. Pretty simple.
- I made it so you can rotate your square (ship) both left and right.
- Where I've gotten stuck is calculating how your ship moves when you press up and down based on rotation. I'm trying to take your rotation divided by either 360 or 180 (I keep swithing back and forth trying to see which one is more accurate) then with that calculate your moves on the x/y grid. So far it's a total failure.
- here's the commit

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