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To Do, Programming side

Forni B edited this page Mar 5, 2020 · 49 revisions


List of things still to do in EnCAB Program:

High Priority:

Medium Priority:

  • USE GitHub Actions CI/CD to make running EnCAB possible from within GitHub website. The trigger should be a commit to a "pre-print" branch should run the program and put result in the "pre-print" branch

  • change directory names: 1) "algorithms" to "algorithm_indices" and 2) "algorithms_data" to "algorithms_xml"

  • in the 'How to cite:' portion of each algorithm, all authors after the first should have their first initial come before the last name and the word 'and' added between the two. So: "How to cite (guidelines): Buccellati F., Marko J. 2019, alg. Brysbaert_2015_94_1" should be "How to cite (guidelines): Buccellati F. and J. Marko 2019, alg. Brysbaert_2015_94_1" with the "J." of Marko's first name before his last name, and the word 'and' between the authors (if there are more than 2 authors, then Author1, Author2 and Author3. (no need to change this in the Created by/on or the Modified by/on entries)

Low Priority:

  • add JSON as input possibility (for files with .json extension)
    Is JSON format needed? It is best to have only one format, if needed we can convert the XML in JSON.

  • Create BibTex entry for each algorithm, link on algorithm (using [bib]), also make one with all algorithms and (perhaps) all bibliography
    Which type for Bibtex entries? See here for a list: Example Bibtex:

  • Add counter for author contributions / and another counter for modifications. Generate a list for each author with all contributions followed by all modifications.
    Where to put the counters on the page? And where to put the lists?

  • Is there a better way to input the bibliography? Either a copy-paste from Zotero (HTML export) or perhaps a link to the Zotero Group directly?


  • Comment code extensively so easily followed by a new programmer or can be used in teaching

  • ZIP filenames for archival files should also have _HHMMSS (HourMinSec of creation time) at end of filename, so ZIP files are not overwritten

  • Add date/time for build at bottom of the 4 algorithm pages (Algorithms sorted by: Bibliography, Material, Step in Process, Type of Algorithm) {{ dateFormat "02 Jan 06 15:04 MST" .Date.UTC }}

  • Within each algorithm, "Source info:" and "Also cited in:" should have hyperlinks to bibliography.
    EXAMPLE: Source info: Robson 1999, 67-69 Also cited in: Heimpel 2009, 67-69 "Robson 1999" should be hyperlinked to #RobsonE in the bibliography, and Heimpel 2009 should link to #HeimpelW.
    Note that sometimes there are 2 authors (so Robson and Heimpel 2050, 99-999 should hyperlink to RobsonE_HeimpelW)
    Note2 that sometimes there are 3 or more authors (so Robson, Heimpel and Buccellati 2050, 99-999 should link to #RobsonE_etal)

  • In the algorithms, the "Created by/on:" and "Modified by/on:" link to the incorrect HTML page. They should not link to the bibliography, but to the author pages.
    EXAMPLE: "Created by/on: Buccellati F., 30.02.2018" The Buccellati F. now links to the bibliography page, but should instead open the "BuccellatiF.html" page under authors.

  • Also, for "Created by/on:" and "Modified by/on:" they should both accept more than one author, listing them one after the other and giving a hyperlink to each author as above.

  • Adjust favicon.ico to be like one in \EnCAB\docs\illustrations\favicon\EnCAB ICO.png

  • All index pages should not list pages with _data. E.g. units_index.html should list bricks but not brick_data in 'section'. Also, each unit should be on a separate line, so:

  • the "et al." as part of the author name in the Bibliography is not capitalized: so bibliography anchor is to "DoatP_etal" and not "DoatP_Etal"; and BrunkeH_etal as well. This should also be reflected in the "Source Info:" field of the algorithms, so "DoatP_etal" and not "DoatP_Etal"

  • Title of each algorithm should also have sequential number. Example: see in Algorithms sorted by bibliography, "Brunke 2016 261" is repeated 4 times, but should be "Brunke 2016 261", "Brunke 2016 261 1", "Brunke 2016 261 2", "Brunke 2016 261 3". The same should be reflected in the "How to cite:" field. So "EnCAB alg. - Brunke_2016_261_1" not just "EnCAB alg. - Brunke_2016_261" for algorithm "Brunke_2016_261_1.xml" using filenames

  • The "How to cite:" in each algorithm should be changed to include a hyperlink. it should read "How to cite (guidelines):" with the word 'guidelines' linked to

  • hyperlinks of input data for each algorithm should open in a new window, e.g. "Brunke_2016_261_1.xml" should open in a separate window. Only the input data should open in a separate window, all others should open in the same window.

  • Allow for 2 initals in first name of authors (e.g. Harper C.R., should resolve to HarperCR) Once done, change algorithms back to Harper C.R. (I have changed them to just C. for now). Should also allow for a dash in first name, so J-C (as in Bessac). This should work for both primary and 'also cited in' authors (see next point as well).

  • change order of log file so that all bibliographical problems are together first, then missing HTML pages, then problems with calculation (and give a title to each section in log file, e.g. ----- Bibliographical Problems -----)

  • improve the 'How to cite:' with the author(s) and year

  • "Also cited in" points only to last name, not lastname+first initial(s) - (e.g. in Brysbaert_2015_94_1.xml link is to bibliography/bibliography.html#DeHaan but should be DeHaanHJ) It was missing from the algorithms data.