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+++ BREAKING: Twitter DM is not working at the moment, see -> (22.09.2018)

podcast-loader reads rss feeds and loads your podcasts

Basically this script is used to run on a linux machine by a cronjob for updating your podcasts in a fixed interval and save it in a defined location. After this, it will notify you via twitter dm (twitter access token needed).

All settings will be read from a json file which must be linked via cómmand line argument like

python myjson

The json file has the following structure:

{ "homedir": "/path/where/podcasts/should/be", "twitter_key": "your_twitter_access", "twitter_secret": "your_twitter_secret", "access_token": "your_access_token", "access_token_secret": "your_access_secret", "podcasts": [ { "podcastname: "Lage der Nation", "podcasturl": "", "notification": "yourtwitterid[,afriendstwitterid]", "localstorageamount": 3 }
] }

homedir-> the directory where podcasts should be saved to twitter_key, twitter_secret, access_token and access_token_secret (all optional) -> see, you will need a valid twitter login

podcastname(needed) -> your description for the podcast, usually the common name of the podcast podcasturl (needed) -> the rss feed containing mp3 files (important!) notification (optional) -> the twitter acccount which will receive the notification (without @) localstorageamount (needed): amount of episodes on your local file system

You can list multiple podcast entries but be sure to use a valid json syntax like above. The script loads the amount of episodes and deletes old ones on your local file system.

For further information mail me: fabian -at-

Have fun!