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⚠️ With Swift now officially supporting Amazon Linux 2 this project is not updated anymore. It remains here only for documentation purposes.

Apple does not build Swift for any other Linux distribution besides Ubuntu. Therefore it is in the hands of the community to bring Swift to other distributons. This project wants to support Swift on the Server by bringing it to Amazon Linux.

This project creates three build artifacts for every Swift release:

  1. An installable Swift binary
  2. A Docker image that runs Swift based off the amazonlinux image
  3. A Swift layer to run Swift natively on AWS Lambda. A perfect fit for my Lambda Runtime

You can download the binaries at:

You download the Docker images at:

You can download the layer from:

What is this repository about?

This repository stores all dockerfiles, scripts and readmes involved in building Swift on Amazonlinux. If you would like to compile Swift on Amazon Linux yourself, feel free to use everything offered here.


Please feel welcome and encouraged to contribute to amazonlinux-swift. If you have questions or feedback please create a GitHub issue.

If you like this, I'm excited about GitHub stars. 🤓


This would not have been possible without the truly awesome work of some open source contributors before me.


Scripts and Dockerfiles to build Swift on Amazon Linux.



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