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play some sounds one state earlier in the cast

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fabiangreffrath committed Dec 5, 2018
1 parent 080f682 commit c23151592378fff24d8109c60777f73eab14e35d
Showing with 27 additions and 20 deletions.
  1. +27 −20 src/doom/f_finale.c
@@ -446,6 +446,7 @@ static int F_RandomizeSound (int sound)
extern void A_BruisAttack();
extern void A_BspiAttack();
extern void A_CPosAttack();
extern void A_CPosRefire();
extern void A_CyberAttack();
extern void A_FatAttack1();
extern void A_FatAttack2();
@@ -466,34 +467,37 @@ typedef struct
void *const action;
const int sound;
const boolean early;
} actionsound_t;
static const actionsound_t actionsounds[] =
{A_PosAttack, sfx_pistol},
{A_SPosAttack, sfx_shotgn},
{A_CPosAttack, sfx_shotgn},
{A_VileTarget, sfx_vilatk},
{A_SkelWhoosh, sfx_skeswg},
{A_SkelFist, sfx_skepch},
{A_SkelMissile, sfx_skeatk},
{A_FatAttack1, sfx_firsht},
{A_FatAttack2, sfx_firsht},
{A_FatAttack3, sfx_firsht},
{A_HeadAttack, sfx_firsht},
{A_BruisAttack, sfx_firsht},
{A_TroopAttack, sfx_claw},
{A_SargAttack, sfx_sgtatk},
{A_SkullAttack, sfx_sklatk},
{A_PainAttack, sfx_sklatk},
{A_BspiAttack, sfx_plasma},
{A_CyberAttack, sfx_rlaunc},
{A_PosAttack, sfx_pistol, false},
{A_SPosAttack, sfx_shotgn, false},
{A_CPosAttack, sfx_shotgn, false},
{A_CPosRefire, sfx_shotgn, false},
{A_VileTarget, sfx_vilatk, true},
{A_SkelWhoosh, sfx_skeswg, false},
{A_SkelFist, sfx_skepch, false},
{A_SkelMissile, sfx_skeatk, true},
{A_FatAttack1, sfx_firsht, false},
{A_FatAttack2, sfx_firsht, false},
{A_FatAttack3, sfx_firsht, false},
{A_HeadAttack, sfx_firsht, true},
{A_BruisAttack, sfx_firsht, true},
{A_TroopAttack, sfx_claw, false},
{A_SargAttack, sfx_sgtatk, true},
{A_SkullAttack, sfx_sklatk, false},
{A_PainAttack, sfx_sklatk, true},
{A_BspiAttack, sfx_plasma, false},
{A_CyberAttack, sfx_rlaunc, false},
// [crispy] play attack sound based on state action function (instead of state number)
static int F_SoundForState (int st)
void *const castaction = (void *) caststate->action.acv;
void *const nextaction = (void *) (&states[caststate->nextstate])->action.acv;
// [crispy] fix Doomguy in casting sequence
if (castaction == NULL)
@@ -509,9 +513,12 @@ static int F_SoundForState (int st)
for (i = 0; i < arrlen(actionsounds); i++)
if (castaction == actionsounds[i].action)
const actionsound_t *const as = &actionsounds[i];
if ((!as->early && castaction == as->action) ||
(as->early && nextaction == as->action))
return actionsounds[i].sound;
return as->sound;

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fabiangreffrath commented on c231515 Dec 5, 2018

@Zodomaniac should be fine by now, would you mind checking with SMOOTHED.wad?

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