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* {@link LogRecord} objects are used to pass logging requests between the logging framework and individual log Handlers.
* When a {@link LogRecord} is passed into the logging framework it logically belongs to the framework
* and should no longer be used or updated by the client application.
- * Note that if the client application has not specified an explicit source method name and
- * source class name, then the {@link LogRecord} class will infer them automatically when they are
- * first accessed (due to a call on getSourceMethodName or getSourceClassName) by analyzing
- * the call stack.
- * Therefore, if a logging Handler wants to pass off a {@link LogRecord} to another thread,
- * or to transmit it over RMI, and if it wishes to subsequently obtain method name or
- * class name information it should call one of getSourceClassName or getSourceMethodName
- * to force the values to be filled in.
* @param level A logging level value
* @param msg The raw non-localized logging message (may be null)

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