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The ce-fortran Code and Compiler Repository

This program and compiler repository accompanies our textbook

Fehr and Kindermann (2018), Introduction to Computational Economics Using Fortran, Oxford University Press.

as well as its exercise and solution manual. Here you will find all the programs we describe in the book as well as detailed information on how to install free Fortran compilers. In addition we show you how to install our toolbox. This toolbox contains ample numerical routines as well as a plotting interface for GNUPlot.

Just download or clone this repository and you will be able to install a suitable Fortran compiler on your operating system such that you can study all codes that come with the books.

Structure of this respository

  1. All Fortran codes for the book are stored in the folder code-book.
  2. All Fortran codes for the solution manual are stored in the folder code-solution.
  3. Installation instructions and packages for different operating systems as well as Docker containers can be found in the folder installation. Just choose your operating system and learn how to install a Fortran compiler and our toolbox on your computer. Refer to the files for further instructions.


In our wiki, you can find a full documentation of the ce-fortran toolbox as well as further links that you might find useful.

I need help or support!

The best way to get help or support is to start a discussion. We are trying to be as quick as possible in providing responses to your questions.


The Program and Compiler Database that accompanies the book "Introduction to Computational Economcis using Fortran"







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