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(Note: this is the README with some meta-information. The InfoSec101 site itself is here.

InfoSec101: Notes

An introduction to Information Security for (non-IT) professionals, e.g. journalists, doctors, lawyers, political activists, etc.


  • This is intended as a supplement to a talk about Information Security, as a resource with
    • things to do
    • links to tools and apps to install, and
    • links to further background and resources if desired.
  • Given that it is intended as a supplement to a live talk, it need not be fully self-contained.
  • Goals:
    • cover the basics
      • to protect (non-IT) professionals (ie smart people, but not computer/IT/crypto experts) and their assets
      • from opportunistic and primitive targeted attacks (ie against random hackers and criminals, government mass surveillance, etc.).
      • and to circumvent online censorship, e.g. in some places near Hong Kong
    • not to overwhelm busy professionals with too much irrelevant details
    • editorialise heavily, in the sense of recommending one or two "best" apps in a category, instead of providing an endless list. (Yes, there is not one best app, and many shades of gray and subtleties - but if we can't make up our mind after thinking and reading about these things for a long time, we can't expect non-experts to sit down and research it and make a better decision by themselves. Always keep this typical response of a busy user in mind: "I don't care about all the details -- JUST TELL ME which app to use." We should not grumble at this response, but oblige and make a sensible default choice, or at least outline in non-technical terms under which circumstances a solution might be preferable to another.)


An introduction to Information Security for (non-IT) professionals, e.g. Journalists, Doctors, Lawyers, etc.



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