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commit bfe2d2dfa208c3aae8c1e2ac15a6a8d12abd373b 1 parent 062befa
Fabian Pedregosa authored
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@@ -58,12 +58,10 @@ def memory_usage(proc=-1, interval=.1, timeout=None, run_in_place=False):
three values (f, args, kw) specifies to run the function
f(*args, **kw). Set to -1 (default) for current process.
- interval : int, optional
+ interval : float, optional
+ timeout : float, optional
- num : int, optional
- Maximum number of retrievals. In the case of -1, meaning
- to wait until the process has finished if proc is a string or
- to get just one if proc is an integer.
run_in_place : boolean, optional. False by default
If False fork the process and retrieve timings from a different
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