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OpenMV Cam ROS package
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OpenMV Cam ROS package

This package provides an interface between the OpenMV Cam and ROS.

Images are acquired by the camera and sent via USB to the ROS node which relays them as ROS image messages.

Getting started

Connect the camera and copy the file, either using the OpenMV IDE or directly using the mounted storage device. Remember to reset the camera via the IDE or eject the storage device to prevent data loss.

Launch the node as follows:

roslaunch openmv_cam openmv_cam.launch

By default, the node uses the following parameters:

roslaunch openmv_cam openmv_cam.launch device:=/dev/ttyACM0 topic:=/openmv_cam/image_raw compressed:=false


The OpenMV Cam ROS package is released under the MIT License.

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