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These InDesign Javascripts are for the typo standard seminar at the FHP
They are written for ID CS4 but should work in CS5 or CS3
the script theImageGrid.jsx builds a page and loads images from a folder that the user specifies. Within this Repo there are two folders with nine images each. Use these. This script is optimized for nine images.
the script theTypoGrid.jsx makes an quad with about 400 o's and changes the fillTint of each character to a given value.
the Script theValues.jsx contains the values for the script theTypoGrid.jsx
in the snippets folder are lots of tiny Javascripts to modify some text.
in the branch processing is the processing sketch imageToFile.pde
this makes a text file with the brightness values from an given greyscale image with 20 x 20 pixels. This is the basis for theValues.jsx
there are some other branches to checkout
asciiify some php / processing / javascript code to get you on the ascii way
gh-pages the autogenerated website
ontherun this is developement
elephant this is developement
jsascii old and moved to asciiify
processing old and moved to asciiify
fabiantheblind Fr 6 Dez 2010
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