Code & Snippets & Takeaways from Fabian Williams MVP Session in Belgium Techorama 2017 for Xamarin and Microsoft Graph Sessions
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The items herein is related to my speaking sessions at Techorama 2017 in Antwerp Belgium. Here you will find Code & Snippets & Takeaways from Fabian Williams MVP Xamarin and Microsoft Graph Sessions. These samples are a combination of my own work, Microsoft Github Office365 Developer samples I have modified to suit the topic and audience expectations, and previous work I have done re purposed for this event.

What I will be presenting

Session Details
Getting the most from the Microsoft Graph This is an introductory session that will help get you started with learning about the RESTful endpoints and all you can gain from the Microsoft Graph. This session will show you how to investigate trends like "Working With" and "Trending Around" in order to provide the most important and relevant information to the end user at all times.
Creating Cross Platform Mobile Services with Office 365 and Xamarin Xamarin powers developers to write native applications for iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows Phone using C#. This session shows you how to use the Microsoft Office 365 APIs in mobile device applications built in these project types to take advantage of the many services in Office 365.

For my Microsoft Graph Session

Look at this Github Gist for API calls i wil be using in my session

Comments or Question

Ping me @fabianwilliams on twitter