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0.9.8 - 10/20/2008:
* Misc. fixes to Gem activation.
0.9.7 - 10/13/2008:
* MiniGems is now compatible with dynamically created code from RubyInline.
0.9.6 - 10/13/2008:
* Added $MINIGEMS_SKIPPABLE for specifying optional requirements; there are some
gems that do require&rescue to load optional requirements. This construct will
trigger the loading of the full rubygems system.
0.9.5 - 10/11/2008:
* Display warning when full RubyGems is loaded ($MINIGEMS_DEBUG is obsolete).
* Instead of globbing the system, just switch to full RubyGems (shows warning).
* Don't try to find Win32API on non-windows platforms.
0.9.4 - 10/01/2008:
* Uses uses minigems/core (from the RubyGems patch).
* Refactored Gem.activate and Kernel#require - more robust matching of files.
* If a gem/required file cannot be found by minigems, as a last resort the
full rubygems system and index is loaded.
* Set $MINIGEMS_DEBUG = true to see some details on when minigems switches to
the full rubygems system.
* Will not try to load rubygems for dynamically created libs from RubyInline.
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