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@@ -11,15 +11,21 @@ Minigems handles loading of required gems from your scripts. If however, other
functionality is needed, the full rubygems library will be loaded automatically
to continue normal operation.
-You'll need to run 'sudo minigems --install' to get started; this will install
+You'll need to run 'sudo minigem setup' to get started; this will install
minigems.rb in your site_ruby directory, which makes it available to all your
ruby scripts.
+MiniGems is enabled on a per-gem basis. To do so, you run 'minigem prepare', for
+example, say we want the binary executables for merb-core (the 'merb' command)
+to use minigems (most likely with sudo permissions):
+minigem prepare merb-core
To use minigems in your own scripts, use the following construct, instead of the
common 'require "rubygems"' statement:
- require 'minigems'
-rescue LoadError
- require 'rubygems'
+require 'minigems'
+There's currently a patch pending on RubyForge, to get minigems into the standard, rubygems system. If you like minigems, please post a vote/followup:

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