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Lighweight drop-in replacement for rubygems.

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A lightweight drop-in replacement for the rubygems to facilitate faster loading 
of gems as well as reducing memory consumption considerably. Depending on the 
amount of gems you have installed about 10-20 MB less RAM will be used, compared
to the full rubygems library version, which keeps a cache of all gems and files 
referenced by them.

Minigems handles loading of required gems from your scripts. If however, other 
functionality is needed, the full rubygems library will be loaded automatically 
to continue normal operation.

You'll need to run 'sudo minigems --install' to get started; this will install
minigems.rb in your site_ruby directory, which makes it available to all your
ruby scripts.

To use minigems in your own scripts, use the following construct, instead of the 
common 'require "rubygems"' statement:

  require 'minigems'
rescue LoadError 
  require 'rubygems'
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