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Gatsby 2.0 starter

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Gatsby 2.0 starter for generate awesome static website working with a nice env development.


This starter is currently in wip (see progression to #What's inside session).

Getting started

Install this starter (assuming Gatsby is installed) by running from your CLI:

$ gatsby new my-website

Run npm start (or press F5 if you are on VSCode) to hot-serve your website on http://localhost:8000.

Run npm run build to create static site ready to host (/public)

What's inside?

Files structure

 ├── data                          // website data (included into graphQL)
 │   ├── author.json               // list of blog authors
 │   ├── avatars                   // authors avatars
 │   └── blog                      // all blog data (posts, images)
 ├── gatsby-config.js              // gatsby configuration
 ├── gatsby-node.js                // gatsby node hooks
 ├── generators                    // generators (`npm run generate`)
 │   ├── blog-post-generator.js    // `blog post` generator
 │   ├── component-generator.js    // `component` generator
 │   ├── page-generator.js         // `page` generator
 │   ├── plopfile.js               // generators entry
 │   ├── templates                 // all templates (handlebar notation)
 │   └── utils.js                  // utils scripts for generators
 ├── package.json
 ├── public                        // output folder (in .gitignore)
 ├──                     // this file
 ├── src                           // sources
 │   ├── components                // all react components
 │   ├── css                       // styles
 │   ├── declarations.d.ts         // declarations for no typescript modules/files
 │   ├── graphql-types.d.ts        // graphql types (`npm run graphql-types`)
 │   ├── html.tsx                  // main html (required)
 │   ├── layouts                   // layouts
 │   │   └── default.tsx           // default layout (required)
 │   ├── pages                     // all pages
 │   └── templates                 // all templates (used for procedural page creation, see `gatsby-node.js`)
 ├── tools                         // miscs tools for dev
 │   └── update-post-date.js       // update post date hook
 ├── tsconfig.json                 // typescript configuration
 ├── tslint.json                   // tslint configuration
 └── package-lock.json             // npm lock file

Plop generators - npm run generate

To avoid any boring copy/paste, this starter-kit have many generators to permit simple bootstrap of current file pattern (eg. components/pages/blog posts). e.g. to add a new blog post first add the authors to data/authors.json and add authors' images to the data/avatars folder. Next execute 'npm run generate' and select 'Blog post'. Follow the prompts for a new post. Each blog post requires an image be added to the /data/blog/ folder prior to running 'gatsby develop'.

You can add/delete/modify any generators into /generators folder.

Be lazy and have fun!