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Use Trello as a database and back-office for a blogging system.
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TAAB (Trello As A Blog) is a purely front-end blog that use a Trello public board as a back-end.

The idea was to take advantages of the incredible simplicity and flexibility of the Trello interface for a blogging system. This is possible thanks to the strong API that Trello provides.

Writing posts and managing the blog becomes dead-easy and insanely fast!

Demo and tutorials

A little demo with a pretty documentation of this project:


To contribute to the project:

  • [captain obvious] clone the repo
  • execute npm install to retrieve dependencies
  • execute npm run config to set up your configuration file

That's it!

Running the test suite

You can run the unit test suite by executing npm test (or npm run test-single-run if you want to run the test only once).

Before running the end-to-end test suite, you have to execute npm run update-webdriver (only the first time).

Make sure you have a server running (npm start will give you one) and execute npm run protractor.


This insane - but awesome - idea was from Fabien Bernard.

He was joined in his madness by Nicolas Carlo and François Monniot.

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