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A collection of personal IDL routines
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A collection of personal IDL routines

Spherical harmonic analysis

  • : Finds the smallest Healpix resolution such that ell<2*Nside
  • : Computes the binned power spectrum of a map in healpix format
  • couplingmatrix_cl : Computes the coupling matrix for power spectrum estimation in partial sky
  • : Uses the pseudo-spectrum method to measure the power spectrum of a masked map. Calls couplingmatrix_cl.
  • : Inpaints a map iteratively by filling a masked pixel with the average of neighbouring good pixels. Ok for small holes.
  • : Computes the Wigner 3J symbol with azimuthal paramethers m1=m2=m3=0

Numerical integration

  • : Trapezoidal summation of the area under a curve. Acceleration of the procedure TSUM from the ASTRON procedure library.
  • : Trapezoidal summation of the volume under a surface. By making trapezoidal summation over each line then trapezoidal summation of the vector.
  • : Tetrahedron summation of the volume under a surface.


  • : Computes the inverse of a symmetric positive-definite matrix by Cholesky decomposition.
  • : Derive a function in the presence of noise.
  • : Generate pseudo random numbers uniformly distributed in [0,1]. Compared to the IDL builtin random number generator, it has a better period but is slower.
  • : Compute the spherical bessel function of order n. Or all orders up to n if keyword /hierarchy is present
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