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How to update your project?

This document explains how to upgrade from one Symfony2 PR version to the next one. It only discusses changes that need to be done when using the "public" API of the framework. If you "hack" the core, you should probably follow the timeline closely anyway.

PR11 to PR12

  • XML configurations have been normalized. All tags with only one attribute have been converted to tag content:


      <bundle name="MyBundle" />
      <app:engine id="twig" />
      <twig:extension id="twig.extension.debug" />



PR10 to PR11

  • Extension configuration classes should now implement the Symfony\Component\Config\Definition\ConfigurationInterface interface. Note that the BC is kept but implementing this interface in your extensions will allow for further developments.

  • The "fingerscrossed" Monolog option has been renamed to "fingers_crossed".

PR9 to PR10

  • Bundle logical names earned back their Bundle suffix:

    Controllers: Blog:Post:show -> BlogBundle:Post:show

    Templates: Blog:Post:show.html.twig -> BlogBundle:Post:show.html.twig

    Resources: @Blog/Resources/config/blog.xml -> @BlogBundle/Resources/config/blog.xml

    Doctrine: $em->find('Blog:Post', $id) -> $em->find('BlogBundle:Post', $id)

  • ZendBundle has been replaced by MonologBundle. Have a look at the changes made to Symfony SE to see how to upgrade your projects:

  • Almost all core bundles parameters have been removed. You should use the settings exposed by the bundle extension configuration instead.

  • Some core bundles service names changed for better consistency.

  • Namespace for validators has changed from validation to assert (it was announced for PR9 but it was not the case then):





    Moreover, the Assert prefix used for some constraints has been removed (AssertTrue to True).

  • ApplicationTester::getDisplay() and CommandTester::getDisplay() method now return the command exit code

PR8 to PR9

  • Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Util\Filesystem has been moved to Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Util\Filesystem

  • The Execute constraint has been renamed to Callback

  • The HTTP exceptions classes signatures have changed:


      throw new NotFoundHttpException('Not Found', $message, 0, $e);


      throw new NotFoundHttpException($message, $e);
  • The RequestMatcher class does not add ^ and $ anymore to regexp.

    You need to update your security configuration accordingly for instance:


      pattern:  /_profiler.*
      pattern:  /login


      pattern:  ^/_profiler
      pattern:  ^/login$
  • Global templates under app/ moved to a new location (old directory did not work anyway):




  • Bundle logical names lose their Bundle suffix:

    Controllers: BlogBundle:Post:show -> Blog:Post:show

    Templates: BlogBundle:Post:show.html.twig -> Blog:Post:show.html.twig

    Resources: @BlogBundle/Resources/config/blog.xml -> @Blog/Resources/config/blog.xml

    Doctrine: $em->find('BlogBundle:Post', $id) -> $em->find('Blog:Post', $id)

  • Assetic filters must be now explicitly loaded:

    assetic: filters: cssrewrite: ~ yui_css: jar: "/path/to/yuicompressor.jar" my_filter: resource: "%kernel.root_dir%/config/my_filter.xml" foo: bar