This is a release that will actually compile on Mac OS X Intel.
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Modified to accomodate to the latest Mac OSX 10.9:

1. change deprecated api CGTableCount, CGMouseDelta to work with 10.9 SDK
2. change project file linking to new libraries using latest LLVM
3.(optional) set window-screen mode and no expansion pack as default

I only got the assets of Doom3 original version, so I change it to no expansion pack as default.
The full-screen mode is still broken, so window-mode as default makes more sense.

If you run to the console but encounter some Unknown command '-NSDocumentRevisionsDebugMode' errors, go to Product->Scheme->Edit Scheme, select Run, unselect "Document versions: Allow debugging when using document Versions Browser"

Happy hacking!


This is a fork of fabiensanglard's Doom 3 for Mac OS X ...fork :-P

It is modified to build properly under the latest Xcode and Mac OS X 10.7 SDK.

Currently there are some bugs (UI transition has been disabled because of a
linking issue with the templates - shouldn't be hard to fix, i just need some
time - and fullscreen modes are not support - again not hard, but...), but the
game is fully playable and performs fine under a late 2009 iMac with 9400M in
1024x768 with Ultra quality mode (it just takes a bit to load the textures, so
High or Medium quality should be better to avoid pauses).

Kostas "Bad Sector" Michalopoulos