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#include "../../../src/filesystem.h"
#include "android/asset_manager.h"
#include "android/native_activity.h"
#define LOG_TAG "net.fabiensanglard.native"
#include <android/log.h>
#define printf(fmt,args...) __android_log_print(ANDROID_LOG_INFO ,LOG_TAG, fmt, ##args)
#include "../../../src/log.h"
//For struct android_app
#include <android_native_app_glue.h>
//We access all the assets in the APK via the asset manager.
AAssetManager* assetManager;
void FS_AndroidPreInitFileSystem(struct android_app* state){
ANativeActivity* activity ;
activity = state->activity;
assetManager = activity->assetManager;
void FS_InitFilesystem(void){
void FS_ListDirectory(const char* path){
//Make sure the directory where we will be writing (logs, replays) exists.
const char* assetURL;
char* cursor;
char directoryPath[256];
AAssetDir* directory = AAssetManager_openDir(assetManager,path);
cursor = &directoryPath[strlen(directoryPath)-1];
while(*(cursor-1) != '/')
*cursor = '\0';
Log_Printf("Listing directory: '%s'",directoryPath);
while(assetURL = AAssetDir_getNextFileName(directory))
//Since all assets are accesssed via the asset manager we don't need a fully qualified path. Only a path relative to the "assets" folder directory.
char* FS_Gamedir(void){
return "";
filehandle_t* FS_OpenFile( const char *filename, char* mode ){
const char* androidFilename;
AAsset* asset;
filehandle_t* file;
androidFilename = filename;
//Hack, some of the assets URL feature a leading '/', we need to adjust it so we don't have a // in the final URL.
if (androidFilename[0] == '/')
androidFilename++ ;
asset = AAssetManager_open(assetManager, androidFilename,AASSET_MODE_UNKNOWN);
if (!asset){
Log_Printf("Unable to load file '%s'.\n",androidFilename);
return NULL;
//Log_Printf("Loaded file '%s'.\n",androidFilename);
file = calloc(1,sizeof(filehandle_t));
file->hFile = asset;
file->filesize = AAsset_getLength(asset);
return file;
int FS_UploadToRAM(filehandle_t *fhandle){
AAsset* asset = fhandle->hFile;
fhandle->filedata = calloc(1,fhandle->filesize);
AAsset_read(asset, fhandle->filedata,fhandle->filesize);
fhandle->ptrStart = fhandle->ptrCurrent = (PW8)fhandle->filedata;
fhandle->ptrEnd = (PW8)fhandle->filedata + fhandle->filesize;
fhandle->bLoaded = 1;
fhandle->isWritable = 0;
void FS_CloseFile( filehandle_t *fhandle ){
//If the file was uploaded to RAM we need to free the buffer.
if( fhandle->filedata )
free( fhandle->filedata );
fhandle->filedata = NULL;
AAsset_close( fhandle->hFile);
free( fhandle );
SW32 FS_Read( void *buffer, W32 size, W32 count, filehandle_t * fhandle ){
AAsset* asset = fhandle->hFile;
return AAsset_read(asset,buffer,size*count);
SW32 FS_Write( const void * buffer, W32 size, W32 count, filehandle_t * fhandle ){
return 0;
void *FS_GetLoadedFilePointer( filehandle_t *fhandle, W32 origin )
switch( origin )
case SEEK_SET:
return( (void *)fhandle->ptrStart );
case SEEK_END:
return( (void *)fhandle->ptrEnd );
case SEEK_CUR:
return( (void *)fhandle->ptrCurrent );
return NULL;
char* FS_GetExtensionAddress(char* string)
char* extension;
extension = &string[strlen(string)-1];
while(*extension != '.' && extension != string)
return (extension+1);
char* FS_GetFilenameOnly(char* string)
char* filename = &string[strlen(string)-1];;
while (filename != string) {
if (*filename == '\\' || *filename == '/')
return filename+1;
return filename;
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