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Game Engine Black Book: Doom
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Game Engine Black Book: Doom

This is the source code for the Game Engine Black Book: Doom. I am releasing the source code (.tex) under GPL license. I retain ownership of all drawings and only provide them so the overall thing is compilable.

To compile:

  • Install mactex library (for pdflatex)
  • Install Inkscape
  • run ./

Note this has only been tested on MacOS X. You will need to adjust the build script a little bit and probably fix case-sensitive path on Linux but I believe it should work with minimal work.

Debian GNU/Linux dependencies:

  • sudo apt install inkscape texlive texlive-font-utils texlive-latex-extra

To speed up compilation:

  • Use 100 DPI commands in src/mystyle.sty
  • Comment out the part you are not working on in src/book.tex

The PDF version looks nicer when cover.tex is included in src/book.tex.

  • Fabien Sanglard
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