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Middleware for secure IoT provisioning, access and control.
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Helix Sandbox


Helix Sandbox is a back-end platform with a lightweight approach to IoT integration geared towards developing applications for intelligent environments, presenting a multi-cloud approach that can be executed in any CSP (Cloud Service Providers), hypervisor or bare-metal.

Helix simplify the process of installation and configuration through an easy-to-use graphical interface that enables orchestration of their components.

The integrated architecture is based on the next generation of GE, which enables a new generation of applications for intelligent environments that exploit large-scale and real-time context information in CIM (Context Information Management) based on the NGSI-LD API defined by ETSI (European Network of Telecommunications Standards) as well as for the CEF (Connecting Europe Facility).

Designed for PoCs (Proofs of Concept), Startups MVPs (Minimal Viable Product), Students, Scientific Researches, and Experimental Applications using a few computational resources.

Give your smart environment application the ability to analyse, share, manage and use in real time at right time.



Requirements, Installation and Maintenance



Update or Reset


Dashboard Helix Sandbox

Context Broker

IoT agent LWM2M

Historical data

Management Context Information in Python

Additional Resources


Data Models

IoT agent CoAP DTLS

Postman Collection - The most used http methods within Helix Sandbox

Temperature Sensor - code

Temperature Sensor - electrical schema

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