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FCIPAddressGeocoder Pod version Pod platforms Pod license

iOS Geocoder for geocode device IP Address location using GeoIP service(s) and a block-based syntax.

Supported Services

(feel free to suggest other services to support)

Requirements & Dependecies

  • iOS >= 5.0
  • ARC enabled
  • CoreLocation Framework



pod 'FCIPAddressGeocoder'

Manual install:

Copy FCIPAddressGeocoder.h and FCIPAddressGeocoder.m to your project.


//the service used by default is FreeGeoIP, but you can set the default service to another one
//this method will affect the default service/url of all instances, included the shared one
//if you need to change the default service/url it's recommended to do it application:didFinishLaunching
[FCIPAddressGeocoder setDefaultService:FCIPAddressGeocoderServiceFreeGeoIP];

//some services like FreeGeoIP are open-source, and you could need to use an instance of it running on your own server
[FCIPAddressGeocoder setDefaultService:FCIPAddressGeocoderServiceFreeGeoIP andURL:@""];
//you can use the shared instance
FCIPAddressGeocoder *geocoder = [FCIPAddressGeocoder sharedGeocoder];

//or create a new geocoder
FCIPAddressGeocoder *geocoder = [FCIPAddressGeocoder new];

//or create a new geocoder which uses a custom instance of the FreeGeoIP service installed on your own server
FCIPAddressGeocoder *geocoder = [[FCIPAddressGeocoder alloc] initWithService:FCIPAddressGeocoderServiceFreeGeoIP andURL:@""];
//set if the geocoder can use all available services in case of failure of the default one
//very useful since 3rd party services are not depending by us and could be temporary unavailable or no more active
//by default this property value is set to YES only if you use the shared geocoder or if you create a geocoder without specifing its service/url
geocoder.canUseOtherServicesAsFallback = YES;
//IP Address geocoding (geocoding results are cached for 1 minute)
[geocoder geocode:^(BOOL success) {

        //you can access the location info-dictionary containing all informations using 'geocoder.locationInfo'
        //you can access the location using 'geocoder.location'
        //you can access the location city using 'geocoder.locationCity' (it could be nil)
        //you can access the location country using 'geocoder.locationCountry'
        //you can access the location country-code using 'geocoder.locationCountryCode'
    else {
        //you can debug what's going wrong using: 'geocoder.error'
//check if geocoding
[geocoder isGeocoding]; //returns YES or NO
//cancel geocoding
[geocoder cancelGeocode];


Released under MIT License.