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Cruzeira brings to Spring Framework implementing a subset of the Servlet API
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Cruzeira brings to Spring Framework implementing a subset of the Servlet API.

How to test:

  • Clone cruzeira repo

    git clone
    cd cruzeira
  • Install cruzeira locally with maven

    cd cruzeira
    mvn install
  • Install cruzeira maven plugin

    cd cruzeira-plugin
    mvn install
  • Execute some of the samples projects

    cd cruzeira-samples/spring-mvc-showcase
    mvn compile exec:exec
    // try http://localhost:8080
    // or
    cd cruzeira-samples/cruzeira-sample
    mvn compile exec:exec
    // try http://localhost:8080/async or http://localhost:8080/controller

It will run an instance of Netty and will dispatch any HttpRequest to SpringMVC.

Maven Archetype

You can use a maven archetype to create a ready to run project.

    cd cruzeira-samples/cruzeira-simple
    mvn archetype:create-from-project
    cd target/generated-sources/archetype/
    mvn install

This will install a very simple cruzeira maven archetype into your local maven directory (~/.m2). Now you just need to tell maven to create a project looking for your local maven archetypes:

    mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeCatalog=local

It will present all available archetype. Just choose the cruzeira-simple-archetype and then continue with the project informations. Assuming the project name is test, just execute it:

    cd test
    mvn compile exec:exec

And then try http://localhost:8080/hello


The repository Cruzeira Sample has an example that runs on Heroku. Click Here to see it in action.


This is a work in progress. Even if Netty and Spring appears to be handling requests nicely, it should not be used seriously before a release.


The Cruzeira is released under version 2.0 of the Apache License.

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