A Compass plugin to use together with the 52 CSS framework
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52 Framework Compass Plugin

This plugin adds 52 Framework to Compass (compass-style.org/).

For more information, visit the official site at www.52framework.com


gem install compass-52-plugin

Getting Started

To create a Compass project using 52 Framework, enter:

compass create -r fiftytwo my_project --using 52

The above command will generate a styles.sass file with the framework stylesheets included.

Populating the Grid

To set an element as a row, use the row mixin:

  @include row

If the row is an inner row (a row inside another row), use row with parameter setted as true:

    @include row(true)

To calculate column widths, use the column mixin specifying the number of columns as the parameter:

  @include column(5)