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The fakechroot project was started as dirty hack because I've got an access
to some system without root privileges. I really wanted to install additional
software and I imagined that no access to the root account should be no
problem at all.
I'm glad to see that fakechroot had found another purposes:
* to be a part of Klik application installer (
* to be a supporter for pbuilder building system
* to be a supporter for febootstrap - a tool for bootstraping Fedora system
* to be a supporter for Apport retracer
* to be a part of Slind - a minimal Debian-based distro for embedded devices
* to be a part of scratchbox - the cross-compilation toolkit project
I would like to thank to:
* Marcin Jakubowski <>, for an inspiration
* joost witteveen <>, for its fakeroot
* Lionel Tricon <>, for an exclude path list feature
* Mark Eichin <>, for countless patches with bugfixes
* Martin Pitt <>, for great Ubuntu support
* Daniel Kahn Gillmor <>, for testing
-- Piotr Roszatycki <> Wed, 25 Aug 2010 15:08:20 +0200
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