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Parsing rules and grammar are based on the last ECMAScript specification. Right now, this compiler is capable of parsing a lot of valid JavaScript code and the parser generates a compiler-agnostic Abstract Syntax Tree. It is even possible to plug in other compiler implementations that do not use LLVM.

The current focus is on the native code generation.

How to compile and test

To build this project, you need CMake. It is fantastic btw. :-)

Then you need to build LLVM in your platform (just once):

cd <kunjs-project-dir>
mkdir -p build/llvm
cd build/llvm
cmake ../../utils/llvm

After you have built the LLVM project, you will be able to build everything else:

cd <kunjs-project-dir>
cmake .

After this first build, you do not need to generate CMake files again. A simple make in the project root dir is enough.

I strongly recommend you to take a look on some of the tests: <kunjs-project-dir>/test/**/* Executables for each of them are generated in the top level directory.

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