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A serialization strategy for the memcached-session-manager (http://code.google.com/p/memcached-session-manager ) that uses Javolution (http://javolution.org ).

It's implemented using reflection to read/write field values from/to POJOs.

Notable features:
- Support for cyclic dependencies / associations
- Support for private classes and classes without a default constructor (see additional note below)
- Supports serialization/deserialization of jdk proxies
- Supports copying of collections before serialization to prevent ConcurrentModificationExceptions if
  the application modifies such a (non-thread-safe) collection in another request (set copyCollectionsForSerialization
  to true in the manager configuration to use this feature)

To support serialization of private classes and classes without a default constructor it
uses Sun's ReflectionFactory (sun.reflect.ReflectionFactory), therefore it's just bound to Sun
JVMs (just drop a note and it will be made configurable).

= How to build =
Install buildr on top of jruby, this is described at http://buildr.apache.org/installing.html.

For building just run 
$ buildr 
(this executes both `buildr compile` and `buildr test`).

For more on building with buildr see http://buildr.apache.org/quick_start.html