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Consul Load-Balancing made simple
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assert Issue #119: Transparent response body compression Oct 28, 2016
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cert Safely handle missing cert from Vault KV store (#710) Oct 14, 2019
config fix tests after 626 Dec 2, 2019
demo fix demo server to handle redirect opts Dec 5, 2017
docs Issue 613 tcp dynamic (#626) Dec 2, 2019
exit log caught signal and reaction Dec 10, 2017
logger log: add leveled logging Oct 9, 2017
metrics metrics/circonus: Adding support for sending to a local circonus agent Nov 20, 2018
noroute refactor code Dec 16, 2017
proxy Handle context canceled errors + better http proxy error handling (#644) Dec 5, 2019
registry Issue 613 tcp dynamic (#626) Dec 2, 2019
route fix nil-pointer dereference in detailed config log Nov 18, 2019
trace Add config option to use 128 bit trace IDs Jun 27, 2019
uuid PR #292: Add unique request id May 16, 2017
vendor Cleanup vendor folder and modules Oct 11, 2019
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  1. If you are confused about the commit order for the v1.5.11 release please check the Release Notes for an explanation.

  2. The 1.5.11 tag was wrongly pointing to commit 0297494e9a00f87d3e387b8c6ff0408c2f5db6a0 instead of commit 446fbba59da42ed73df67c3d738b9945dbf0790a. I have updated the v1.5.11 tag to point to the correct version and created v1.5.11-wrong tag to point to the old (wrong) version.

fabio is a fast, modern, zero-conf load balancing HTTP(S) and TCP router for deploying applications managed by consul.

Register your services in consul, provide a health check and fabio will start routing traffic to them. No configuration required. Deployment, upgrading and refactoring has never been easier.

fabio is developed and maintained by The Fabio Authors.

It powers some of the largest websites in The Netherlands (, Australia ( and Italy ( It delivers 23.000 req/sec every day since Sep 2015 without problems.

It integrates with Consul, Vault, Amazon ELB, Amazon API Gateway and more.

It supports (Full feature list)

Watch Kelsey Hightower demo Consul, Nomad, Vault and fabio at HashiConf EU 2016.

The full documentation is on

Getting started

  1. Install from source, binary, Docker or Homebrew.

    # go 1.9 or higher is required
    go get                     (>= go1.9)
    brew install fabio                                  (OSX/macOS stable)
    brew install --devel fabio                          (OSX/macOS devel)
    docker pull fabiolb/fabio                           (Docker)           (pre-built binaries)
  2. Register your service in consul.

    Make sure that each instance registers with a unique ServiceID and a service name without spaces.

  3. Register a health check in consul as described here.

    By default fabio only watches services which have a passing health check, unless overriden with registry.consul.service.status.

  4. Register one urlprefix- tag per host/path prefix it serves, e.g.:

# HTTP/S examples
urlprefix-/css                                     # path route                             # host specific path route                              # host specific catch all route
urlprefix-/foo/bar strip=/foo                      # path stripping (forward '/bar' to upstream)
urlprefix-/foo/bar proto=https                     # HTTPS upstream
urlprefix-/foo/bar proto=https tlsskipverify=true  # HTTPS upstream and self-signed cert

# TCP examples
urlprefix-:3306 proto=tcp                          # route external port 3306

Make sure the prefix for HTTP routes contains at least one slash (/).

See the full list of options in the Documentation.

  1. Start fabio without a config file (assuming a running consul agent on localhost:8500) Watch the log output how fabio picks up the route to your service. Try starting/stopping your service to see how the routing table changes instantly.

  2. Send all your HTTP traffic to fabio on port 9999. For TCP proxying see TCP proxy.

  3. Done



This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. [Contribute].


Thank you to all our backers! 🙏 [Become a backer]


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  • Contributions up to 14 Apr 2017 before 38f73da

    MIT Licensed Copyright (c) 2017 eBay Software Foundation. All rights reserved.

  • Contributions after 14 Apr 2017 starting with 38f73da

    MIT Licensed Copyright (c) 2017-2019 Frank Schroeder. All rights reserved.

See LICENSE for details.

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