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Hi and welcome on my GitHub Pages repo! is my one and only blog: I started blogging many years ago, I cant' remember the year, let's say something between 2003 and 2004. Over the years I've changed several different platforms ending up to Wordpress that I left at the very beginning of 2022 joining GitHub Pages and Jekyll. My blog is hosted on GitHub and can be reached through my usual custom domain as well as the link. The site can be reached also via TOR at this address jda7pxjlrqahy224geqcav4luvgmsuavruipzfxahl4ruheoywmylbid.onion but I can't assure it will always be available. Please consider any other onion addresses claiming to represent this site or me as a scam or a fake.

How can I be sure this site is legitimate?

In case you have any doubt about this site or its author you can independently check two facts, without any specific cryptography skill.

Verify posts are my own

On the website you can find my public keys including the RSA that I use to sign every GitHub commit. Since every post I publish requires a commit you can be sure that it is legitimate - i.e. published by me - by checking the Verified green flag added by GitHub itself (aka Vigilant mode) directly from the repository commits page. My public keys are available also on some key servers like the Ubuntu Key Server or OpenPGP Key Server. You can also find other cryptographic proofs for my identity on my Keybase page.

Verify the site is up to date

The last version of the site is the one generated by the last commit. In the footer of every page you can find a 7 digits string: you can compare it with the ones listed in the repository commits page: if the string on the site is the one at the very top of the list (it's on the right of the page) you're reading the last version of the site. The 7 digits are just the first 7 of a longer string, so don't worry if by opening one single commit you'll see a even longer string: if the firs 7 digits are the ones reported in the footer section of the site you're good.

Why are you still blogging?

I need blogging to do the thinking exercise...I observe, read, watch a lot of many things that every once in a while I need to take a moment to think about it: writing allows me to put some order in my mind with the huge plus of sharing my posts with the world. I don't need money or anything from this activity (so, no ads, no analytics, etc.), I just like to post and share when I need it and do it in a aesthetically pleasant way, hoping that what I write inspires or helps someone else.


You can of course contribute to this repository. I'm not an expert in anything related to Git or Jekyll, I've just learned the basics so if you see weird things please feel free to fork and "pull request" me to merge your suggestions. Fork as many times as you like, I'll be pleased to help you someway with your Github Pages site.

A quasi-exception

If you fork this repository you could probably get my encrypted drafts: they are useless to you, so my suggestion is to delete the entire folder. I encrypt my drafts just to avoid spoilers for my readers :)


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