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Want to contribute? Please follow these few guidelines:

  1. Open issue on Github so that we can discuss it
  2. When the issue is discussed and agreed, branch the code starting from the master branch, with branch name equals to "ISSUE-X" where X is the number of the issue on Github
  3. Do not develop multiple features or bugfixes in the same branch, each feature/bugfix should have its branch and its code
  4. Before submitting a pull request, please write unit tests. I think it's fair to say that pull requests without unit tests will not be merged
  5. Submit the pull request

How to report a bug

Open an issue on Github in this form, where GIVEN is the set of preconditions to reproduce the bug, WHEN is the action that should be taken to reproduce the bug and THEN is the bug description, together with (if possible) screenshots and/or error messages/log that visually describe the bug.


  • precondition 1
  • precondition 2
  • precondition n


  • action 1 AND/OR action 2 AND/OR action n


  • bug description (with screenshots/messages/logs if possible)